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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Do you feel more alone as you climb the corporate ladder?  As we rise in an organization we experience the pressure of added resonsibilities.  We are required to learn new skills.  Your leadership role involves less day to day task completion and is more strategic in nature.  It now involves developing people.

John Maxwell’s “Law of the Lid” relates that a team can only rise as high as its leadership.  An executive coach is an ally who is focused on fast-forwarding your professional development.  As you become stronger and more agile, so will your direct reports and followers.

Benefits of Executive Coaching

A surprising number of executives have used coaching with successful results.  Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, claims that hiring an executive coach was one of the best pieces of advice he’s ever received.  Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, expressed his belief that “we all need a coach.  We all need feedback because that’s how we can improve.”

Higher ROI

Build your leadership capacity to increase the effectiveness of the organization by role-modeling for others.

Look Within First

Sharpen your own axe before cutting down the tree.


An ally for honest feedback and a sounding board.  Encourages you to take risks and learn about your competitive edge.

New Skills

New challenges need new ways to go about doing things.

Values Clarification

Discovering your values and why they are important.  Walking our talk is our best leadership strength.

Struggle is Optional

Ready, Aim, Fire.  Knowing our target and where it is helps us hit the bullseye.

Dimensions of Executive Coaching

Our options for Executive Coaching comes in a variety of choices.

1-on-1 Coaching

A personal, confidential relationship between a coach and an executive.

Group Coaching

For multiple people.  Provides an external perspective to develop team skills, solve problems, and become more effective.

Building Coaching Skills

For leaders to learn a coaching philosophy and style to develop others.