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Competitive Edge, Inc. Reading List

Bradberry, Travis: The Emotional Intelligence 2.0, 2009. A great primer on EI.

Broughton, Philip: The Art of the Sale, 2012. All about the art of salesmanship.

Cain, Susan: Quiet, 2012. The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking.

Chodron, Pema: fail fail again fail better, 2015. Great talk on failure as a building block.

Chouinard, Yvon: let my people go surfing, 2005. Great book by the founder of Patagonia!

Collins, Jim: Good to Great, 2001. Classic study.

Covey, Stephen: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, 1989. A classic.

Covey, Stephen: First Things First, 1994. Time management.

Covey, Stephen: The 8th Habit, From Effectiveness to Greatness, 2004. Another classic.

Drucker, Peter: The Daily Drucker, 2004. Great daily insights.

Duhigg, Charles: The Power of Habit, 2012. How to own your habits.

Duhigg, Charles: Smarter Faster Better, 2016. Great tools for thinking!

Dweck, Carol: Mindset, 2006. The new psychology of success.

Farber, Steve: The Radical Leap, 2004. A personal lesson in extreme leadership.

Frankl, Viktor: Man’s Search for Meaning, 1959. I own my mindset.

Gerber, Michael: The E Myth Revisited, 1995. A must for ALL entrepreneurs.

Gladwell, Malcolm: Blink, 2005. The power of thinking without thinking.

Gladwell, Malcolm: Outliers, 2008. The story of success.

Glaser, Judith: Conversational Intelligence, 2014. Great tools for conversations.

Groppel, Jack: The Corporate Athlete, 2000. Info on how to be in shape for work.

Hayes, Neil: When the Game Stands Tall, 2003. How the De La Salle Spartans went 151-0.

Heath, Chip & Dan: Made to Stick, 2007. Why some ideas die and others survive.

Heath, Chip & Dan: Decisive, 2013. How to make better choices in life and work.

Hill, Napoleon: Think and Grow Rich!, 1937, revised 2004. A classic on personal success.

Iyer, Pico: The Art of Stillness, 2014. Travel between your ears.

Kelley, Tom: The Ten Faces of Innovation, 2005. Great tools for innovation at work.

Khalsa, Mahan: Let’s Get Real or Let’s Not Play, 1999. Helping clients succeed.

Kondo, Marie: the life-changing magic of tidying up, 2014.

Lencioni, Patrick: The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, 2002.

Lencioni, Patrick: Overcoming The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, 2005. Workbook for 5 Dysf.

Lencioni, Patrick: Death by Meeting, 2004.

Lencioni, Patrick: Getting Naked, 2010. A new consulting mindset.

Loehr, Jim and Schwartz, Tony: The Power of Full Engagement, 2003.

MacKenzie, Gordon: Orbiting the Giant Hairball, 1996. A bible on creativity. Fun!

MacMillan, Pat: The Performance Factor, 2001. Unlocking the secrets of teamwork.

Maxwell, John: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, 1998. A classic on leadership!

McGuire, John and Rhodes, Gary: Transforming Your Leadership Culture, 2009.

Patterson, Grenny, McMillan, Switzler: Crucial Conversations, 2002.

Rath, Tom & Donald Clifton: How Full is Your Bucket?, 2004. Positive strategies for work/life.

Rosinski, Phillipe: Coaching Across Cultures, 2003. A new mindset on cultures.

Rosinski, Phillipe: Global Coaching, 2010. Multiple perspectives for global leaders.

Ruiz, Don Miguel: The Four Agreements, 1997. Great tools.

Sanders, Tim: Love is the Killer App, 2002. Great tools.

Scott, Susan: Fierce Conversations, 2002. All about conversations that need to happen.

Senge, Peter: The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook, 1994. Great strategies and tools!

Wilson, Larry: Play to Win, 1998. One of the first business books I read. A classic!

Yamashita, Keith: Unstuck, 2004. Tons of tools.

Zander, Ben & Rosamund: The Art of Possibility, 2000. Great tools. High energy!