Our Five Core Values

Our values are dear to us and are embedded in all the work that we do.  Our guarantee is that you will see them in action!


  • We love what we do.
  • We care about the people we work with.
  • We want to change the world.
  • We are results oriented.
  • We are courageous…we are willing to take risk.


  • We walk our talk…We are authentic.
  • We do what we say we will do.
  • Our thinking and actions are reality based.
  • We take personal responsibility.
  • We demonstrate personal excellence and accountability.
  • We are proactive.


  • We believe in the value of all individuals.
  • We believe in diversity.
  • We give back to the community.
  • We are environmentally minded.


  • We seek to understand.
  • Questions are free.
  • We are clear.
  • We strive to over-communicate.
  • We communicate in a positive way…We “fill people’s buckets.”


  • We believe that we are more effective working together.
  • We build trust.
  • We nurture relationships.
  • We develop social capital.